"I would like to schedule my dog, what do I need to do?"
The first step is to get us a copy of your dog's vaccination records showing they are up to date on:
1. Rabies
2. Distemper/Parvo
3. Bordetella
You may fax them, have your vet fax them, or drop them by to us. If you have your veterinarian's office fax them, please give them plenty of time (they have several appointments too!) and then call us back to verify we received them. A lot of our new clients bring them when they come in for a tour. After we get a copy of the vaccine record, we can then schedule your dog.  Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian.

"What is the dog's trial day?"
A trial day of daycare is required prior to any dog coming for daycare on a regular basis, or for dogs that spend the night. The trial day is a pass/fail day in which we monitor for signs of aggression, overly timid behavior, their overall comfort levels, as well as any other issues (for example, if the dog is an excessive barker and disrupts the other guests). We require it of all guests to make sure they are happy here since we have playgroups here with other dogs based according to size and temperament. We do trial days Mon-Fri only.

“My dog does not get along well with other dogs, is it required that they be in playgroups?”
We do require that all guests be able to play in playgroups with other dogs.
We reserve the right to decide whom the pet(s) plays with and for how long they play. As always, with the interaction of pets, there is a chance of injury.

"Do you accept all dogs?"
  Providing they pass their trial day  

"What about emergencies?"

During an emergency with your pet(s) we will try to contact you at the numbers on your Information Sheet. If we are unable to reach you, we will try to contact the provided emergency contacts and/or we will take your pet to a veterinarian or Emergency Veterinary Services if most vets are closed.   

"Do you close during holidays?"
We are closed for daycare on holidays. We will be open the weekend hours on holidays for boarding only(excluding Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day-WE WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC ON THESE HOLDAYS) . 

"What is your inclement weather policy?"
During the winter season Klub Kanine will be open for daycare and boarding on a regular schedule. If snow or ice occur we will do our best to open on time. As long as the employees can make it to work we will be open! Check our Facebook page, we will update our intentions as soon as possible.

"I would like to check in/out my pet outside of your business hours.  What do I do?"
Just speak with management and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

"What is included in the overnight rate?"
We provide playgroups, potty breaks (at least 5 times per day), an individual suite for mealtimes and bedtime, blankets, and dinnerware.

"What do I need to bring for boarding?"
1. FOOD & COOKIES- It is required that you bring your pet’s own food so as to not disrupt the pet’s routine.  The food must be premeasured for each meal and placed individually in Ziploc bags. Changing your pet’s diet increases the risk of loose stool and/or vomiting.  We provide two scheduled mealtimes included in the boarding rate.  Daycare dogs must be fed prior to coming to school. We will not provide you with any leftover food, so only bring enough for the dog’s meal.  Note: we will not accept any unmeasured meals; for a fee per meal we will measure and bag it for you. Only enough food for the pet(s) stay will be accepted due to our limited storage space.

2. 1 LABELED TOY- please don't bring anything irreplaceable as we do our best to keep up with items; however, we do allow toys in their suites so there is a risk of items being lost.
3. MEDICATIONS - we administer all medications except injections
4. Please remember, no other items including bedding or crates will be accepted due to limited storage space.  We provide bedding, food and water bowls, can openers, etc.

“How long are they in their suites?”
The dogs are out of their suites all day in playgroups. They are separated in their suites from other dogs only at mealtimes and bedtime. The rest of the time they are out playing.

"What do I need to bring for daycare?"

Just their leash & collar and nothing else… We provide everything they will need!  Since the dogs are in a "community" daycare environment all day, please do not bring any items from home because they don't have access to an individual suite for belongings. Please remember, to feed
or your dog breakfast and administer any medications they are taking before and after coming to school. We do not feed daycare or administer current medications to guests when they are here.

"Do you offer Saturday and Sunday daycare?"
You may drop off and pick up your dog during our weekend business hours  

"What does the bathing rate include?"
The bathing rate includes a deep cleansing bubble bath, heated towel, brush out, blow dry, pedicure, ear cleansing, and finishing mist.


“Do you offer Saturday or Sunday spa services?”
If your baby is staying overnight or visiting us for daycare, we can certainly pamper him or her!  If you would like a day treatment, we may be able to schedule depending upon which weekend.


“What time is check in/check out for any of the services you offer?”
Anytime during business hours.  


“What should I be prepared for when my pet returns home from boarding or daycare?”
For most pets, leaving you is an experience that needs some time to adjust to. Coming home from boarding is an adjustment, too. Some behaviors are quite normal for pets, but there are some things you can do to help your pet to ensure a happy homecoming. The more often your pet is boarded or uses daycare, the more adjusted he or she will become to the activity.

·          Don't feed or give your dog water for at least two hours after returning home, because dogs can become very excited and tend to gulp large quantities of food and water, which often triggers vomiting and/or diarrhea.

·          If your dog appears thirsty, provide a few ice cubes for him or her to lick.

·          Don't be overly concerned if your dog sleeps a lot the first day or two after returning home (allow your dog to sleep to their heart's content). This is usually the result of being back in a familiar environment after the excitement of being away.

·          It is not unusual for your pet’s elimination habits and eating and drinking habits to be a little off the mark. 

·          Dogs attending daycare for the first time (or infrequent participants) may feel sluggish and tired the next day. This is because of the high level of activity and excitement during their stay.  Many dogs will experience the same initial muscle soreness from exercise as people who start exercise programs after being inactive. As with people, initial muscle soreness typically subsides as your dog’s body becomes accustomed to increased activity levels.

·          Please remember that when dogs play, they can receive some scratches etc. just as human kids playing at the playground.  They can also be wet and/or slobbery from all of the fun!

“If my dog is sick with an upset tummy or cough, can I still bring them for doggie daycare or overnight care?”
Klub Kanine is like a daycare, only for dogs. When one kid is sick, it can go around. If your dog is showing any signs or symptoms, they must stay home from school for at least two weeks and are no longer showing symptoms. Some of these visible signs or symptoms are: diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, fatigue, excessive scratching and itching. We do not know who is contagious because they do play in close contact with other dogs. Again, this is just like sending your own child to daycare or school and someone there is sick. Anytime children are around each other it increases the likely hood that they will catch what the other kids have; the same is true for dogs. If you have not already done so, you may also want to contact your vet if the symptoms persist. You do not want to assume that it is canine cough, when it could be something else. If they have been to the vet and they have been put on an antibiotic, they need to be off the medicine and in good condition before they return (again, we require them to be out for 14 days, unless we receive a note from the vet stating they are not contagious). Also, if a furkid becomes sick while here you may be required to come and get them. We have taken great care to equip our facility with the top of the line ventilation systems, veterinarian recommended cleaning agents, and much more to eliminate air borne viruses. But once again, we are like a daycare but for “furkids”.

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